How To Personalise Your New Deck Space

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A good deck will quickly become the heart of any garden. Are you hoping to create a perfect indoor/outdoor entertainment space? Is your garden's main job to keep the kids occupied and out from under your feet? Whatever your outdoor living goals, the right deck can help you achieve them — and here's how.

Ask your deck builders to include some storage space

Most decking designs can be tweaked to include a little storage space, either underneath the deck or as a separate unit built into the decking and set against a wall. Even a relatively small area can be incredibly useful, particularly if the space is designed to be relatively weatherproof — it becomes the perfect spot for keeping the garden furniture, toys and activities you won't need to have out all year round. Making it part of the deck itself doesn't just save space; it's also super convenient, and usually closer by than most other outdoor storage spaces.

Split the deck as a whole up into smaller individual sections

The best gardens do more than one job. You can have room for al fresco dining, an area dedicated to letting children play and learn, corners for raised beds and nurturing your plants — whatever's important to you, you can dedicate an area of your new deck to it. If you'd like these areas to be flexible, you can split them up with rows of potted plants, movable fences or windbreaks and string lights. You can also enlist the help of your deck builders to make these areas permanent; they can lay the wood in a different orientation in different places, use varying colours of wood stain, or make more than one entirely separate deck throughout your garden.

Link separate decks to provide a sense of continuity

One of the reasons decks are such a popular option for gardens is their versatility. They don't have to cover large areas: your deck builders will be able to create paths between them, splitting your garden up into a variety of interlinked areas that are easy to get between. This method is particularly useful in larger gardens, as it helps you build up a variety of 'zones' outside your decked space as well as on it.

However you choose to use your new decking, a full consultation with the team building it for you is the place to start. They'll be able to help you understand which kinds of decking will work best in your garden, where you can build in storage space or separate decks, and what kinds of maintenance work you'll need to do to keep your beautiful decking in top condition for years to come.

Talk to some local deck builders for more information. 

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