Ideas for Renovating Your Bathroom

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Renovating a bathroom gives you a chance to get creative, but it can be challenging with so many decisions to make. To help, here are several ideas. 


If you want your bathroom to appear more spacious, you can achieve this with strategic design choices. For example, opt for soft, pale tones, like blush and fawn, that don't dominate the decor. Pale colours reflect light better than darker tones, especially if they're on glossy tiles and other shiny surfaces. Additional reflective surfaces, such as lustrous tapware and glass shower screens, also help. Mirrors are the ultimate reflective area.

Accent Countertop

If you want to create a beautiful accent piece in the bathroom, you could fit a piece of granite, marble, or limestone for the vanity countertop. This area gets splashed with water daily, and these materials will outlast alternatives such as laminated particleboard. Natural stone comes in diverse colours so you could install a predominantly cream or white stone slab to match similarly toned tiles. Or you could make a statement with dark-speckled granite.

Make sure to seal the countertop as recommended to turn it into a non-porous surface that won't absorb moisture. Once sealed, water will bead on top of the benchtop. In any case, it's best to clean up spills as soon as possible.

Natural stone can be costly. However, you could save money elsewhere, thus allowing you to splash out. For example, consider the tiling. Ceramic tiles come in many lovely designs, regardless of their price point. Just choose a tile colour and pattern that will enhance the decor.

Glass Shower

A frameless glass shower will give your bathroom a sleek appearance while making it appear bigger. Glass screens let you see into the shower, so they don't divide the room into zones. As a result, it looks more open. However, if you want privacy, you could opt for obscured, frosted, or patterned glass instead. The less metal framing a shower has around the border, the more it will give off an unobstructed feeling.

When undertaking bathroom remodelling, consider which shower door style will work practically in your home. A sliding door is economical with space as it doesn't protrude outwards over the floor, making this style perfect for a cramped bathroom. The sliding mechanism can be at the top of the door, leaving the floor seamless. An outwardly swinging shower door is an alternative that can offer a wide entryway into the shower, thus enhancing access. But it requires free floor space to open.

Reach out to a bathroom remodelling contractor to learn more.

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