Three significant indicators you may need pest control services

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Pest control is a critical aspect of keeping your home in good condition. Insects and rodents can cause plenty of seen and unseen damage. Rodents, in particular, can chew through your wiring, drywall and even furniture. Over time, insects such as termites can damage wooden frames, which can make your home structurally unsafe. Most of these pests are also a health hazard. Rats transmit hazardous diseases that are incredibly unsafe, especially when you have young children in the home. Therefore, while you should consider regular pest inspections and treatments, it is also vital to be aware of the primary indicators of a pest problem in your home. This skill is essential because it helps you know when to call a pest control service so that your home is pest-free and your family is always protected. Here are three significant signs to look out for.


Fecal matter is the top indicator of pests in your home. Rodents and cockroaches will often leave behind droppings in areas where they inhabit. You might spot the droppings or even the exoskeletons of cockroaches lying around, especially on kitchen surfaces. Other unwanted pests such as snakes will shed their skins in dark corners of the house, such as the basement. If you spot these tell-tale signs, you should consider having an exterminator come over and do a thorough check, and if the need arises, they should treat the infestation.

Peculiar smells

Certain smells emitted by pests are unique and unmistakable. For example, the smell of rat urine on the sofas and clothes is easily detectable. Similarly, the pungent smell of dead and decomposing rodents is usually a significant indicator that you have a pest infestation. If you notice any of these odd smells, contact a pest control specialist and have the problem resolved.

Household pets

Besides being cute human companions, cats and dogs are typically very sensitive to common pests such as rats and mice. Cats, in particular, will stalk rats in the home and sometimes chase them around either as a sport or to eat them. Similarly, dogs have very sensitive hearing. It is not uncommon to see your dog staring, sniffing, or barking at the walls. They sometimes do this because they can hear rodents moving inside the walls. On the other hand, cats will be attracted to areas around the baseboards and claw around them as if they are trying to pull something out. If you see this happening often, you should consider having an exterminator service check for rodents and bugs.

For more information about pest control, contact a local service provider.

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