Two Ways to Avoid Getting Bored by Your Home Decor

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If you tend to get fed up of seeing the same homeware items around your house day in and day out, here are some things you can do to avoid getting bored by your home decor.

Stock up on seasonal decorative homewares

In this situation, it might be a good idea to buy decorative homewares for each season and to only ever display decor items that match the season you're currently in. For example, during autumn, you might want to put out some ceramic pumpkin ornaments, a string of leaf-shaped bunting and some cushions and throws in autumnal colours (like rusty red, orange, mustard yellow, etc.); whilst in spring, you could display cushions and ornaments in fresh pastel hues, alongside some vases of faux springtime flowers like tulips and daffodils.

This will mean you'll go a whole year without seeing the group of items that are assigned to a particular season and, after not seeing them for this long, they'll seem new and interesting again when the time comes to display them. Furthermore, you'll only ever use them for a few months at a time and as such, you'll be less likely to get bored with them.

Whilst you might have to spend a decent amount on stocking up on items for every season, this approach will save you money over the coming years, by ensuring that you don't keep buying random new homeware items every couple of months, as a result being fed up with your current collection.

Change the location and position of your homeware items

The other way to ensure you never get too bored of your decorative homewares is to change their location and position fairly regularly. This can freshen up the rooms of your home, make the items themselves seem new again and ensure that you do not tire of looking at them.

For example, if you have an embroidered throw that you normally keep on the back of your sofa, you could use this as a wall hanging in another room for a few months. Likewise, if you own a beautiful hammered gold bowl that you normally use to display fresh fruit in your kitchen, you could keep the fruit in a different bowl for a while and use this one in your dining room to display decorative pinecones or potpourri. Lastly, if you have battery-powered fairy lights that you usually wrap around a curtain pole in your living room, you could put them into a glass mason jar and keep this jar on the windowsill instead.

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