How To Find The Perfect Staircase Balustrades For Your Stairs

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A staircase is a large feature in any home, and in many cases, it can define a whole room or even a whole floor. Everyone is familiar with dual sweeping staircases at the entrances to stereotypical mansions, and while that might be extreme, there is no reason why your staircase can't have a similar impact on people as they come into your home. The important aspect you have to consider is blending your staircase balustrade with the staircase proper, and that is not as easy a task as it might seem at first.


There are two routes you can go down when it comes to the material of your staircase balustrade: matching or complementary. For example, metal balustrades match metal stairs and glass balustrades complement metal staircases, despite being a different material. On the other hand, timber balustrades do not match metal staircases at all. There is a fine art between navigating this difference, and if you don't feel comfortable in managing this on your own, it is best to ask an interior designer or at least an assistant at a relevant store that sells balustrades. 


If you want to go all out with the idea of your staircase balustrade being a feature, then there are plenty of ornate designs that can draw the eye. From minor flourishing inside the frames of these balustrades to entire patterns created out of them, there is a wide spectrum you can choose from. On the other hand, minimalism can be a style choice too, and many people are flocking to stairs that resemble something out of Blade Runner rather than a more traditionally decorated option. If you want natural, sharp edges and a balustrade that fits into a more modernly styled home then look into industrial styles with raw materials.


Something that is often not dwelt on nearly enough is the ability to actually install your staircase balustrade. You may have the most beautiful balustrade picked out, but if you can't install it, then it may as well be useless to you. This is why you should always discuss balustrades with your interior designer (if you have one) and the handymen you were going to hire to install them. Whether it is due to the position of the stairs, the strength of the material, safety requirements or just because it is too difficult to be worth the effort, it is best to know the pitfalls of installing your balustrades before you commit to them. 

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