Two Things in Your Home To Inspect if There Have Been Burglaries in Your Area

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If there have been several burglaries in your local area and you are concerned about your own property being broken into in the future, here are two things that you inspect in your home to ensure that it remains safe and secure.

Your security screens

Security screens can make your property a lot safer to live in. A security screen can, for example, make it less dangerous for you to open your door to people you do not know, as it ensures that whilst you are interacting with them, they cannot get too close or physically harm you.

If someone comes to your house with the intention of entering the property by force when you answer your door, a security screen could prevent them from achieving their aim and give you time to call the police before the person finds another way into your home.

However, a security screen can only fulfill its purpose if it is in good condition. If it has sustained damage which has weakened the hinges or caused holes to form in the mesh material from which it is made, a potential intruder may be able to use physical force to pull the screen off its hinges or reach their hand through the opening in the mesh and either assault you or break open your door lock.

This is why it is critical to check the condition of your security screens and then either replace them or get them fixed if you discover any damage. Some of the things you should look out for when inspecting the screens are corrosion on the hinges, holes in the mesh and cracks in the screen's outer frame.

The locks on your windows and exterior doors

You should also regularly check the condition of all the locks on your windows and exterior doors. The reason for this is as follows; whilst it is often thought that burglars get into properties via open windows and unlocked doors, the truth is that many of them get in by breaking open weak or damaged locks.

If a lock on your window or exterior door has corroded or if its components have sustained damage from years of use, it could be a lot easier for a burglar to use a tool to snap this lock. As such, you should inspect these locks regularly. This inspection should not only involve visually checking the locks for signs of obvious damage, but should also involve you using your keys to lock and unlock them. If the key often gets jammed in one of the locks or if you have to use a lot of force to turn it, the lock may need to be replaced.

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