4 Household Items That Will Help You With Shade Sail Repairs

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Shade sails are a cheap and easy alternative to outdoor roofing. They have simple installation and maintenance needs, and when taken care of, they can last years without damage. However, shade sails need repairs occasionally. Whether it is a small tear, a running hem or a loose hook, you should be able to do some minor shade sail repairs from the comfort of your home. Below are basic household items that will help you to repair your shade sails.

Sewing kit

Having a sewing machine is a great advantage because it will save you a lot of energy. However, even a standard sewing kit will come to your rescue when need arises. Shade sails are made of different materials, but most of them can easily be repaired using a sewing kit where necessary. One common shade sail damage is a running hem or a tear that causes a hole in the shade sail. With a sewing kit you can sew back the damaged hem or patch the hole.

Duct tape

You may not be feeling too confident about your sewing expertise. In this case, you can use duct tape to fasten the hems of the shade sails for a stronger hold. Duct tape is a very strong and durable adhesive, and it may give you some service before you get the chance to take your shade sails to professional shade sail repair services.

Ropes and hooks

Shade sails come with their own fastening hooks and ropes. However, these may get damaged because of excessive pressure or prolonged exposure to weather damage. As a result, the ropes may weaken and cut or the hooks may rust and break off. By having ropes and hooks in your tool box, you should be able to undertake shade sail repairs at home and have your shade sails hanging as soon as possible.

Vegetable oil

As mentioned above, shade sails have hooks which are used to put and hold in place the shade sails during installation. Most times, these hooks are made of metal. This is because metal offers the strength needed to keep the heavy shade sails in place without breaking. However, all metals face the same problems of friction and corrosion. Frequent lubrication helps in reducing and preventing corrosion from happening. But what if you run out of grease and you need to hang your shade sails? Vegetable oil can work as improvised lubrication for metal parts before you can buy real grease. It works in the same way as grease to eliminate friction.

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