How to Give Your Guests a Good Night's Sleep

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Setting out your guest room is key to making your visitors feel at home when they come to stay. Many Australians use their spare bedroom for another purpose, as a home office, for example, when it is not functioning as a guest room. Make sure that your room is able to switch modes easily so that it never feels as though it is an imposition if it is to function for an overnight stay. Multi-function rooms are always more comfortable when their second function is hidden. When guests feel at home, they will get a better night's sleep in your guest room. What else should you consider for helping them to get a restful night's sleep?

Upgrade Your Mattress

Guest mattresses tend to be sold for occasional use only, and this can be a problem if your guest room is occupied more than a couple of times a year. Often the best single thing you can do is to provide a softer mattress which is long-lasting and durable. Sprung mattresses need frequent turning to be maintained properly, so why not consider the merits of waterbed mattresses instead? Waterbeds offer a great deal of comfort no matter how heavy or light your guest might be meaning that they suit everyone. They are also very easy to maintain.

Install Blackout Blinds

Although most guest rooms are fitted with curtains, blackout blinds are much better, generally speaking. In unfamiliar surroundings, most people will sleep a little lighter than they are used to. If this is the case, then light that encroaches into a room during the early hours of the day may well be enough to wake your guests up. If so, it is likely to be problematic to fall back to sleep. The answer to this is to prevent light from coming in in the first place and blackout blinds are the perfect solution.

Temperature Control

Some guests may like to be wrapped up in warmth in your home. Others may find it too warm to sleep. To overcome this problem and to make it easier for guests to fall asleep at a temperature that suits them, allow them to regulate the heating in their room. All that is needed is an adjustable radiator control. Conversely, guests will feel more comfortable in hot weather if a remote control to the room's air-conditioning unit is close at hand, perhaps on their bedside cabinet.

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