3 Beautiful Native Plants That Are Perfect For A Low-Maintenance Garden

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For some people, gardening is a most enjoyable pastime that they willingly participate in at any given opportunity. For many others, it's simply a necessity that needs to be performed to maintain a healthy garden that looks good. If you're in the latter group, then you're probably eager to know how to create a garden that looks great and stays green with as little input on your behalf as possible.

The key to a low-maintenance garden is the choice of trees, plants and shrubs you choose to add to it. Native plants that thrive naturally in your region are the wisest choice because they'll be perfectly suited to the climate, rainfall levels and soil quality. They're also more likely to attract native wildlife into your garden. Here are three beautiful, no-fuss native plants that will make a wonderful addition to your low-maintenance garden.

1. Tea trees

Tea trees are most commonly known for the strong and medicinal oil that they produce. They also make a beautiful addition to a low-maintenance garden and will thrive in almost every part of the country. They're tolerant of shade, are drought resistant and will withstand frosts. You can purchase saplings or more mature tea trees from most wholesale tree nurseries.

Tea trees are evergreen, with small leaves that provide dappled shade all year round. Most varieties also produce pretty flowers during the summer months. They grow to a decent height but won't be so big and bushy that they cause problems with power lines, gutters or other garden plants.

2. Goodenias

Goodenias are often confused with gardenias, but they are a native species that bears no relation to the imported gardenias that frequent many gardens. They are pretty, leafy shrubs that produce deep green and dense foliage for most of the year. In the spring, they break out in delicate yellow flowers.

Goodenias look lovely, and they can also serve a practical purpose. The flowers attract native insects and bees that will help to pollinate your garden, and they're particularly helpful if you're growing fruit or vegetables.

3. Kidney weed

Kidney weed is a native ground cover that is tough, durable and fast growing. It is perennial, so it stays green all year round and can withstand drought, heavy rain, hot sun and frost. It has lovely small, round leaves that have a dense, lush texture.

You can use kidney weed to cover garden beds, and it can even be used as an alternative to grass for your lawn. Because it's a ground cover, it grows out rather than up, so it has the added benefit of not needing to be mowed like a traditional lawn.

Contact a wholesale tree nursery for additional advice.

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