Carpet Cleaning – Reasons To Go Green

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Carpeting may be a favourite flooring accessory for homeowners the world over, but this flooring does endure the most of your foot traffic. Thus, carpets accumulate a considerable amount of dirt due to the racks marks, spills, crumbs, pet dander, dust and whatever other contaminants that they are exposed to. The solution to this was deep cleaning the carpet after several months to get rid of stains and odours. Although this worked like a charm, what some people were not considering is the repercussions of continually using chemical cleaners in their home. If you are looking for a safe yet efficient way of keeping your carpets fresh, you may want to gravitate toward green carpet cleaning. Here are a few of the top reasons why green carpet cleaning is the best alternative for any household.

Green carpet cleaning minimises pollution

A primary reason to switch to green carpet cleaning is to make sure that you are playing a role in keeping the environment healthy. Chemical solutions are favoured for carpet cleaning, as they are strong enough to eliminate stubborn stains while also killing any germs that may have taken habitat within the carpet. Nonetheless, when these chemicals are washed out, they become absorbed in the soil, make their way down drainage systems and inevitably pollute the environment.

Green carpet cleaning solutions use the fundamental principle that all ingredients that go into the carpet cleaning products are both biodegradable as well as non-toxic. Thus, you can rest assured that you are proactively reducing your carbon footprint.

Green carpet cleaning maintains the health of your family

Carpet cleaning is prudent or all homes but it is particularly essential in households that have people battling respiratory ailments such as asthma, bronchitis and more. Without routine carpet cleaning, pollutants become trapped in the carpet and eventually compromise the air quality. Subsequently, this increases allergic reactions, coughs, sinuses and other health problems. However, you may be engaging in frequent carpet cleaning without realising that you are introducing more toxins into the home.

As the carpet is deep cleaned with industrial chemicals, there is a high likelihood of the toxins in the detergents becoming embedded in the carpet fibres. Moreover, if the carpet is being cleaned in an enclosed space, the fumes can spread around your home and cause further respiratory irritations. You will then find your loved ones complaining of symptoms such as migraines, eye irritations, congestion, nausea and more. Green carpet cleaning would be a healthier alternative to your home.

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