Five Decisions You Need to Make When Shopping for Your First Recliner

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If you love the idea of sitting upright whilst being slightly reclined, you may be in the market for a recliner chair. Similarly, if you like to really relax but don't want to get into bed, you may also be looking for a recliner. If this is your first foray into the deliciously comfortable world of recliners, you may be wondering what's available. Here's a look at the main decisions you need to make. 

Integrated or Standalone Recliner?

The traditional recliner is a stand alone chair, but that's not the only option, you can get a recliner that's integrated into a sofa. A recliner lounge can consist of two cozy recliners placed together, or it can be a huge modular lounger with recliners on the ends or even in the middles. Ultimately, this choice depends on your personal preferences and the layout of the room you are designing.

Built-in or Detached Footrest?

Whether you opt for a lounge recliner or a standalone chair, you need to decide how you want the footrest to be. You can have a footrest that's built into the chair. When not in use, that doesn't take up any extra floor space. Instead, it stows into the lounge recliner and pops out on hinges as needed.

Alternatively, if you decide upon a detached footrest, you need some floor space for that. You simply pull back your recliner and extend your feet onto a matching footstool.

Exposed or Internal Frame?

The frame of your recliner can be completely covered by cushions and fabrics. That's perfect if you want a comfy feel in your home. However, if you want an exposed wood frame, that is also possible, and that creates a sleek, more modern look.

Leather or Fabric?

Regardless of the type of frame you select, you still need to make a decision about upholstery. Leather recliners and sofas lend a feeling of elegance to a room, and they are relatively easy to take care of. In contrast, a fabric upholstery gives you more options in terms of colours and patterns.

Built-in Accessories?

Finally, you may want to explore the idea of built-in accessories. With a recliner lounger, you can often opt for a small table that pulls down in between the two reclining portions of the lounge. With a standalone recliner, you can get a small end table that comes out from the side of the chair. In some cases, you can get little built-in drawers to hold remote controls or magazines.

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