3 Essential Purchases For A First-Time User of a Wood-Burning Heater

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Wood-burning heaters are an enduringly popular choice for many Australians. They an efficient and cost-effective way to heat a home without the huge energy bills that come with electrical heating appliances. They also provide a welcoming ambiance that can't be recreated with artificial heating techniques.

If you've just moved into a home with a wood-burning heater and it's the first time you've had to use one, then you may be unsure about the best products to buy. Here are the three essential items you'll need to ensure efficient and cost-effective heating from your wood-burning heater.

1. Good quality firewood

There are many different varieties of firewood available around the country. They range quite a lot in price depending on the timber variety and the region that you live in. The key to buying firewood is to buy well-seasoned hardwood, such as red gum firewood.

Although this firewood is more expensive per load than cheaper softwoods, it's a more economical purchase in the long term. Hardwoods burn for much longer and provide more heat than their softer counterparts. A load of hardwood will last much longer than an equal size delivery of softwood, making it more economical over the course of the winter season.

2. Kindling

Kindling is the small pieces of wood you use to get your fire started. They're generally used in conjunction with a flammable material such as newspaper or a block of fire lighting material. The smaller pieces of wood catch alight quickly and provide the heat source that will allow your larger pieces of firewood to ignite.

Although many people use small pieces of softwood or garden debris as kindling, it's well worth purchasing a bag of hardwood kindling when you order your firewood delivery. This type of kindling will burn for longer and provide the heat and coals that your hardwood firewood needs to successfully ignite.

3. A Smart Burn device

A Smart Burn device is an innovative product that was designed and developed in Australia. It's a small metal item that is placed in your wood-burning heater which releases a harmless gas as the metal is heated. They're inexpensive and available from most firewood suppliers.

The gas helps to clean your heater's flue, reduces any additional build up and also reduces the amount of smoke your heater produces. It also helps to increase the combustion efficiency of your heater, increases the burn time for your firewood and converts smoke into a burnable fuel for your heater.

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