How to Address a Home That's Overflowing With Clutter

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If your home is overflowing with clutter, you don't want to simply ignore this problem. Clutter can result in stress and anxiety and make it harder to find items you need every day. All those "things" around the house also need regular dusting and cleaning, resulting in more work and less free time. If your home is overflowing with clutter and you have no idea how to manage it, note a few tips that can help.

If it's broken, it's trash

You may need to face the fact that you will never get around to fixing that broken waffle iron, camcorder, fan, radio, and whatever else is taking up space in the garage or basement. Note, too, that if something has been broken for many weeks or months, and you've since learned to live without it, you don't need it! If that item was important, you would have fixed it by now. Whatever the case, if it's broken, it's trash, and can be taken to a recycling centre or simply tossed out.

Ugly items can go

If you take an honest look at clothes, knickknacks, furniture you have stowed in the basement and other such items, and know that they are outdated, unfashionable, and downright ugly, they can usually be tossed out. If those items don't enhance your wardrobe or your home's space, you don't need to keep them. Removing unsightly items that may be downright depressing can open up space for new items that are flattering when worn or that enhance your home's space rather than detract from it. If you're not sure if something is outdated and unattractive, ask a friend for their honest opinion and let them help you decide what to toss.

Use a storage unit

If you've pared down your items to the things you really do need and use, but your home is still cluttered and crowded, it's time to invest in a storage unit. A self-storage unit is like having a second closet or garage, and it can help open up your home while still keeping items close at hand. Invest in a climate controlled unit for clothes, artwork, and other delicate items, to ensure they stay in good condition. You should also invest in plastic tubs and bins, and organize your items before storing them away. This will keep those items from becoming the same cluttered mess in storage, and ensure you can quickly find anything you need when it's time to retrieve an item.

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