Features to Consider For Your Outdoor Blinds or Awnings

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Outdoor blinds, roller shades, or awnings can provide needed shade for your patio or deck area, making that space more comfortable for you no matter the weather. Blinds or a shade feature of some sort can also protect your patio furniture and plants from too much sun exposure, so that the furniture doesn't prematurely age and those plants don't wither. When you're ready to add a shade feature to your home's outdoor space, note a few features to consider and ensure they're included, so you know you this feature will work well for your needs and will help create that relaxing and inviting outdoor space you want.

Lift and cord

Some blinds, retractable awnings, and other such features will work with a standard cord, just like interior blinds and shades. However, those cords can be a danger to children and animals, who might grab at them or get them twisted around their neck and body, and cords may also move around in the wind, creating a nuisance. Consider a motorized lift that moves your shades or awning with the push of a button, and which works with a remote for greater convenience. If this option is too expensive, choose what is called a continuous loop cord; this cord will be one long loop, not two separate cords, and is usually secured to an outdoor frame or the home itself. This keeps the cord from moving around in the wind and also keeps it out of the hands of children and pets.


If you enjoy sitting outside in all sorts of weather, consider an outdoor shade feature that provides insulation, and not just light blockage. A thicker material with a dense weave will cut down on heat and cold winds that make their way to your seating area. In cooler weather, this will also help hold heat in the seating area if you add an outdoor heater or fire pit.


Blinds, shades, awnings, and other features are meant to last for many years, but they will eventually get too stained to clean, will shred or get chipped, or will otherwise need to be replaced. Choosing a fabric or material that is easy to recycle or that degrades without releasing chemicals into the atmosphere can be the best choice; you might even look for recycled materials in the pieces you choose, so those raw materials are kept out of landfills. There are many eco-friendly options you can consider for your outdoor blinds, so choose something environmentally friendly when shopping for your outdoor shade features.

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