How to Choose the Right Type of Plants for Your New Garden Area

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If you have just moved into a new place and your new pad comes with a lot of outdoor space, you may be thinking about landscaping and the construction of a really nice garden. However, if you are like most people, you don't have a great deal of spare time on your hands. You know that a garden like this is going to require quite a bit of maintenance, so what do you need to bear in mind if you want to be able to manage it all properly?

Being Selective

Fundamentally, you need to understand that plants are not something that you can just introduce and forget, as they are living things. Each one of the plants that you choose needs a different type of maintenance, so you need to be careful with exactly what you choose and where you put it.

Doing Your Research

Firstly, determine what type of environment you have and what challenges you may face. For example, is the area in full sun, or are there a lot of overhanging trees or buildings that might get in the way? Do you think you may have water issues due to some particular slopes? What type of soil is evident, and are there any bugs that may not be too friendly to certain species of plants?

Preparing the Site

Make sure that your site is very well prepared before you start to buy anything. Get rid of all the weeds by digging out the roots and disposing of them off-site so that they cannot repopulate the area. You may find that mulch is a good idea, as it can help to suppress any new weed growth and may keep the roots of your new plants cooler on very hot days.

If you really are challenged when it comes to time, choose plants that have a slower gestation period and those that will require a minimum amount of pruning or trimming. If you've already determined that water may be an issue, choose some options that are tolerant to drought so they have a much better chance of surviving. You may have to be creative when it comes to your watering system, as well.

Don't Do Grass

If you really don't like mowing a lawn, then consider introducing a patio deck instead and extending your garden beds to get rid of those chores.

Bringing in a Gardener

Finally, if you are investing in a lot of exotic plants and are still worried about the time involved in maintaining your garden, consider bringing in a professional once per week to give everything a once-over.

Ask for Help

Have a word with a nursery supplier like Din San Nursery for help with coming up with the best options for your configuration so that you can enjoy your new found space to the maximum.

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