Choosing a Lawn for High Traffic Areas

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If you have a busy household with kids and pets that enjoy playing out in the garden during the summer months and you have a large area of lawn to cover, you'll need to choose a type of grass that will withstand the wear and tear. You will also need a type of grass that will quickly recover from damage and will tolerate regular mowing with a ride-on mower.

Here's a quick overview of the types of grass that is most suitable for high traffic lawns in Australia.

1. Zoysia Grass

Despite its fine leaf and soft feel underfoot, Zoysia turf is highly drought tolerant and can withstand a fairly high amount of wear and tear.

Unlike other grass plants Zoysia grass contains high levels of silica, enabling it to take a fair pounding without sustaining too much damage. However, Zoysia can be slow to recover from damage so is probably best-suited to lawns where a medium level of activity is expected.

Zoysia grass thrives in warm climates and is not very frost tolerant.

2. Kikuyu Grass

If you have a very active household and you need a lawn that will put up with games of footy, continual foot traffic, and cavorting dogs Kikuyu would probably be the best choice.

Kikuyu turf can stand heavy wear and tear and is quick to repair itself. Kikuyu is a soft, fast-growing grass with a medium leaf. To keep Kikuyu turf growing quickly, you must make sure that it is regularly watered.

3. Couch Grass

Couch grass makes a perfect lawn for areas of heavy use. In addition to withstanding wear and tear, it grows quickly and can repair itself rapidly from any damage it sustains. Couch's capacity for rapid repair stems from its underground and over-ground system of runners, which also helps it to withstand drought.

In addition to being tough and resilient, Couch can give you a beautiful lawn when it's properly maintained. You will need to feed the lawn with fertiliser during the winter and spring, mow it regularly during the growing season, and de-thatch the grass in the autumn. Couch also requires a regular supply of water to keep it healthy and vigorous.

In Conclusion

When it comes to choosing a suitable lawn for high traffic and heavy use gardens, Zoysia, Couch, and Kikuyu grass are all likely contenders that you might like to consider. For more advice on what variety of grass would best suit your requirements, why not have a chat with your local turf supplier or garden centre.

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