Four Reasons to Visit Your Local Plant Nursery

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When you are planning and planting a garden, you will need to give careful thought to where the plants will come from. Many people find that a plant nursery is an ideal source for their garden plants. Here are some of the advantages of using a plant nursery.


Firstly, by visiting a plant nursery you will see a wide variety of different plants that are suitable for any type of garden. You may well find flowers or shrubs that you hadn't considered but that will be perfect for your design and will fit in with your other ideas. And if you aren't sure what to plant at all, you will soon find some favourites among the plants on offer and will be able to design the rest of your garden around them.


Secondly, a plant nursery will have knowledgeable staff who will be able to tell you everything you need to know to make your garden a success. They will help you to choose the right plants for your particular soil and situation and will tell you how to look after them after they have been planted. They will also know about any pests or diseases that you will need to guard against and will advise how to protect your plants against any problems.

Healthy plants

Plant nurseries also tend to have healthier plants than big-name retailers. They have usually grown them themselves or have purchased them from local growers. They will have used high-grade soil and will have properly fed and nurtured the plants, ensuring they stay healthy and keeping them resistant to disease. The care that the nursery will have put into your plants will be obvious when they are flourishing in your garden.

Locally grown

The nursery is also likely to offer native plants that have been locally grown. As well as reducing the financial and environmental costs of transport, this means that the plants will be suitable for the same climate and similar conditions as your garden. Many plants do not thrive if they have been transported long distances because of changes in temperature and light. With locally grown plants, however, you should have less trouble as they will already be adapted to the season and soil in which you will be transplanting them.

Your local plant nursery will provide you with ideas, knowledge and a variety of healthy and locally grown native plants.

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