Why Fit Underfloor Heating In Your Extension?

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Building an extension is the ideal time to fit floor hearing in your home. You could extend your current central heating system into the new space or opt for a much improved and more modern approach instead. Indeed, it is not just extensions that will benefit from in-floor heating systems because both new-builds and extensive renovation projects are just as suited to them. The only places that aren't are current buildings with an operational heating system already where there are no immediate plans to resurface the floor. So, if you are planning an extension and considering fitting underfloor heating, what are the benefits you can expect to enjoy?

Less Heating Expenditure

The fact is that floor heating is more efficient than conventional central heating when it is fitted in the average home. This is because there are fewer thermal losses. All too often, radiators are placed under windows and surface-mounted central heating pipes are run around externals walls. This means that they end up heating the outside of your home as well as inside it. With an underfloor system, this is not the case because the warmth comes from below and raises the temperature of the air above it. In turn, you will spend less on heating your home when floor heating is deployed.

Greater Comfort

Another common problem with storage heaters and central heating radiators is that they are dispersed around your home. This means that some places might feel very hot while others are chilly, especially in mid-winter. If you have an open-plan living space, then the effect can be much worse unless you happen to be standing next to a radiator. With in-floor heating, this is not the case. Due to the way the heating element is laid out all over the floor space, it will heat the room above very evenly with no discernible cold patches.

Better Hygiene

Some central heating systems fail to warm the floor up adequately and only emit heat at body height. In many cases, this will lead to unduly cold flooring that makes wearing slippers essential. Even worse, it can lead to dust mites and other bugs making their homes in the floor. When the floor is heated from underneath, however, the temperatures reached will be too high for such creatures to bear and you won't have to put up with them any longer, thereby improving the domestic hygiene levels in your extension at a stroke.

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