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Should You Upgrade Your Home's Security?

Never overlook the need to upgrade your home's security on a regular basis! Old and worn-out locks may not be enough to keep your property and family secure, and thieves are sometimes very knowledgeable about how to bypass outdated home alarm systems. Your own personal habits may also indicate that it's time to upgrade your home's security system. Note why that is, and when it's time to call a locksmith for a home security upgrade.

The home is now empty during the day

Many break-ins happen during the day, when the home is empty, as thieves don't want to confront a homeowner. If your home was previously occupied during the day but someone has moved out, gotten a job, gone back to school, and the like, it might be good to upgrade the home's security system.

These upgrades can include better window locks, timers on window treatments and lights, and thicker deadbolts that make it difficult to pry open a door. It can also be good to install an upgraded garage door mechanism so the door automatically closes after a certain amount of time. This will ensure that the garage door is not left open during the day, advertising that all the cars are gone and the home is empty!

You've bought new things

When you invest in new and expensive electronics, jewellery, artwork, and other such pieces, you might take precautions to protect these items inside your home. For example, you might have a surge protector installed to ensure your new TV isn't damaged during a storm, and put new artwork in a custom frame that is meant to protect its paint or finish.

While these steps can protect your new investments, you might also consider upgrading your home's security as well! A new and more sophisticated zone alarm system in your home can protect the area where you store your jewellery or have put those electronics. Upgraded window locks in those rooms can also deter thieves and add a needed layer of protection for your new items.

The locks are getting sticky

If the locks to your entryway doors are getting sticky, this might indicate that your home has settled and shifted a bit, so that bolts are not lining up as they should. The pins inside the locks may also simply be wearing down. Whatever the case, don't ignore this problem, as it will usually just get worse with time! Call a locksmith to change out your home's locks so you know they always function as they should.

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Should You Upgrade Your Home's Security?

Never overlook the need to upgrade your home's security on a regular basis! Old and worn-out locks may not be enoug…