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Simple Ideas for Improving the Comfort of a Balcony

Having a balcony is a great way to enjoy the comfort of being outdoors even when you live in an apartment or condominium, but of course, just having a balcony doesn't necessarily mean you're going to enjoy that space. A balcony needs to be relaxing and inviting for you to actually enjoy sitting there with your morning coffee or evening paper, so note a few simple ideas for improving the comfort of your balcony, no matter its size or current condition.

Hide anything unsightly

If your condo's air conditioner compressor is located on the balcony, or you need to store bikes and other unsightly objects in that space, hide these away so that they don't detract from your view. You might install privacy screens or hang an outdoor curtain from the ceiling overhead, so that you're not greeted with air conditioning equipment, tools, and other such items every time you want to sit on the balcony.

Add a trellis 

If the exterior of your building is a bit rundown and unsightly, you might hang a trellis. Use drywall screws to attach the trellis to mortar between exterior bricks or exterior screws to attach the trellis to aluminium siding. Once the trellis is installed, you can then place thin and long pots at the base, and grow vines from the pot that you can loop through the trellis. Opt for thick vines like grape leaves or morning glory, and this will add some greenery to the balcony while also hiding an unsightly exterior wall.

Grow hedges

You may not think that you can grow hedges on a balcony, but many hedges and shrubberies actually grow quite well in containers. If you want something very manicured and square, choose boxwood hedges, as these can be easily trimmed. For something more natural, choose bamboo, as bamboo shoots have thick and full leaves that fill out nicely, but which keep a rounded and jagged shape. Line the hedges up against the side of the balcony to create a true outdoor oasis!

Install privacy screens

Adding a screen or two on your balcony can mean having privacy from neighbours, as well as some noise insulation and shade from summertime sun. Screens can also add colour to the balcony, if you paint the them a rich and warm tone, or something fun and unique, such as a shade of red or blue. Choose louvered slats that you can open or close for maximum control over light and air circulation or solid panel screens if you know you'll need consistent shade when on your balcony.

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