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How to Make the Exterior of Your RV Comfortable and Cosy

Just owning an RV or caravan doesn't mean you'll have a comfortable holiday every time you take your rig camping. It can be good to add a few "creature comforts" to the exterior of the RV to ensure a more enjoyable time when using your caravan, even for a short weekend getaway. Note a few tips on how to make the exterior of your RV comfortable and cosy for you and for guests.

Exterior carpeting

Durable exterior carpeting can be a good choice for setting down outside the RV, as thick carpeting may offer a more level and even surface than bare dirt for keeping your folding chairs and tables steady. The carpeting can also help to remove sand and dirt from your shoes before you head back inside the RV and can make the ground warmer underfoot once the sun goes down. A nice exterior carpet can also add a fun bit of colour to your campsite and make it look far less rustic.

Solar lights

Add some solar lights to the exterior of your campsite and around your seating area. These can make you feel safer, as you can more readily see beyond your own campfire with added solar lights, and lights can also reduce the risk of tripping or bumping into something as you move around the site. Solar lights obviously need no batteries or flammable materials to operate and will simply charge up during the day and then run for several hours after the sun goes down, making them very easy to transport and use wherever you set up camp.

Shade and walls

A retractable awning is a great addition to any caravan, as it will protect you from hot summertime sun and also keep you a bit warmer if you enjoy camping in the fall. An awning wall can also add even more shade and reduce bothersome wind that might reach your campsite's seating area. Awnings and awning walls are especially good if you camp in a dry desert area or near a beach, as these areas may mean lots of bothersome sand that becomes airborne and makes it way to nearby campgrounds. Awning walls also add privacy and a bit of noise insulation, making them a good choice for smaller campgrounds, where you might be bothered by neighbours that are a bit too close! Opt for walls with windows if you prefer lots of air circulation and sunlight, and choose nylon versus canvas if you need protection against light rains and even wet snow.

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