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4 Cool Staircase Ideas for Book Lovers

Love books and want to make your home stand out from the rest? Or just need somewhere new to store your ever-increasing collection of paperbacks? Whatever the situation, these staircase ideas for book lovers are sure to capture your imagination. 

Staircases and bookshelves were basically made to be combined - keep reading to find out how.

1. Turn Each Stair Into a Drawer for Book Storage 

These smart, built-in storage stairs are becoming more and more popular, particularly in homes that lack storage space. Each stair also functions as a large drawer, meaning that books are kept neatly out of sight, but are easy to access at any time. This is a great option for large books that are difficult to stack on regular shelves or children's books that are usually left lying around.

2. Paint Each Step to Look Like a Classic Book 

Want to go wild with your staircase design and make your home look like something out of a fairytale? You need to try this design.

Make a list of your favourite classic titles, then gather images of their spines. Use these to design and paint the tread of each stair, or a hire a professional painter to take care of the job for you. This is an awesome way to add real personality to your home, and kids will love running up and down a pile of giant books!

3. Integrate a Built-In Bookshelf at the Side of the Stairs 

The side of your staircase is just begging to be turned into a bookshelf. There's plenty of space that would otherwise be wasted, and the geometric shape lends itself well to book storage. Using modular shelves is a nice way to keep things looking neat and modern, and arranging books by colour is extremely pleasing to the eye. 

4. Create Long Hollow Treads for Book Storage 

Need a set of stairs which aren't too steep or high? Creating wide steps with long, hollow treads is a fun way to store books that you want to keep on display. You could leave storage space in every single step, or just a select few. This works really well for kids' books and large collections.

Love books and need a new staircase? Don't pass up on the opportunity to design something really unique for your home. Use the ideas above to get inspired and your staircase could become your favourite part of the house. Speak to a contractor at companies like Tarosa Stairs Pty Ltd to learn more.

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